Neck Pain fixed with Chiropractic Adjustment

What Happens at the Chiropractor.

I would like to demonstrate some chiropractic adjustments today.
Chiropractors, when they adjust the spine are trying to be as accurate as possible. Chiropractic adjustment is not just for when you are hurting.
Because it’s about better function. If your chiro can feel your joints work better and be more mobilised, then your entire body is going to work better.

Mobilising your spinal joints will enhance your circulation and nerves. We know that your body will mechanically work better.

First what your chiropractor will check the movements of every single vertebra of your neck. Each bone needs to move, rotate and slide without restriction.

Anytime restriction or lack of free movement is felt, that means that joint isn’t functioning correctly, and therefore your nerves and blood supply will be compromised.

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This poor spine and joint motion in your neck can lead to headaches, neck pain and even shoulder pain.

To see how a chiropractor makes adjustments to a patient with slight restrictions, watch this video.

Does a Neck Adjustment Hurt?

When you watch the video, you will see what happens in the chiropractor’s clinic, how you would be assessed by the chiropractor, and how the chiro performs the adjustment.

The most common way to adjust the neck is with the patient lying down on their back (or supine).

As the vertebra joint is ‘released’ and movement restored, the patient will often hear the “pop” sound. This sound is not the sound of bones cracking. Instead, it is the sound of gas being released into the joint.

How to know if you need a neck adjustment.

You don’t always need to be in pain to benefit from a visit to the family chiropractor. If you move your neck around, and you head grinding, cracking and popping yourself, that is a good indication that there are stuck and restricted joints in your neck. These would benefit from a chiropractic adjustment from a professional.

To find a family chiropractor for neck pain near you, click this link.

Author: Dr Ben Green.

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