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Family Chiropractor Clinic in Kingaroy QLD

If you are looking for an effective chiropractor in the Kingaroy, South Burnett Region, Kingaroy, Wondai, Tingoora, Haley Creek, Nanago areas, our center is for you. Our team are without a doubt the best option for family chiropractic treatment in the Kingaroy area.

Baby Chiropractor

We treat babies with chiropractic care everyday. It is natural for mums and dads to be concerned about the Chiropractor with their babies. Is chiropractic safe for babies? Chiropractic care in babies also keeps babies healthier because their nervous system and immune system are supported.

Regular Chiropractic care can assist relieve the following in babies:

  • Ear infections and ear aches
  • Colic and acid reflux
  • Feeding and Breastfeeding/latching issues
  • Fussiness

On the Spot Health Fund Rebate for Kingaroy Chiropractor

If you are a member of a Private Health Fund, then the cost of treatment is highly affordable. Chiropractors are covered by all major Private Health insurance providers offered via HICAPS, such as Bupa, Australian Unity, Defence Health, Teachers Health, HCF, NIB, HBF, and Medibank Private.

National Chiropractor Clinics provide you with the confidence of knowing your out-of-pocket costs for initial and ongoing chiropractic appointments as well as on-the-spot claiming facilities, so all you pay is your Health Fund gap.

Chiropractic for Children.

Kids are typically so active. And so our center specialises in chiropractic for kids. Things like school, sport and back packs can cause concerns with your child’s spine and aggravate the nerves.

Listed here are some problems or reasons for your child to visit the chiropractor.

  • Muscular aches and pains
  • Poor attention in school classroom
  • Even “growing pains” are often treatable
  • Back, neck, hip or pelvic problems
  • Improved sleeping
  • Poor diet.
  • Improved behaviour and attitude.

Kingaroy Chiropractor for Teenagers.

Teenage boys and girls experience rapid growth spurts. All of these pressures and changes affect the teenage body and cannot surprisingly bring about rapid mood changes, poor concentration, stress, tension and sleeping difficulties in teenagers. All these problems are managed at our Kingaroy clinic.

low back lumbar disc bulge and protrusion

Should I go to a Chiropractor?

The human body is a delicate machine, and when the machine breaks down, it hurts. When your body hurts and you are in pain, it’s time for professional diagnosis and likewise some good treatment.

Chiropractic treatment mainly addresses the complaints of the musculoskeletal and nervous systems. Your local chiropractor will restore the structure of the spine, reduce pressure on the neurological tissues and improves the health of an individual. A chiropractor’s work is to make sure that his patient’s spinal movement is back to normal, reduce any restriction on the spinal nerve and any altered reflexes.

As soon as you start having any pain in your back, neck or spinal area you should visit the nearest chiropractor for evaluation and proper treatment. Freeing the area up will only aid with your healing.

Listed here you’ll find the signs to look out for that impair spinal mobility, and examinations performed by the chiropractor and also how long the treatment requires for you to return to your typical day to day things.

What Conditions Can a Chiropractor Fix?


A chiropractor reviews the intensity of your headaches to know how to treat your condition. For those who struggle with intense migraines and do not like taking medicine or painkillers just do not seem to work for them, then visit the nearest hospital to seek quick medical test. There are a number of types of headaches, but the most common type that chiropractors treat is a cervico-genic headache.

Neck Pain

Long term neck pain mostly links with a hidden issue with the spinal discs or joints of the cervical spine. The chiropractor performs chiropractic adjustments to relieve the neck pain, sometimes within a single treatment.

Low Back Pain Kingaroy Chiropractor.

Pain in the lower back is often related to lack of movement in your lumbar vertebra. The pain may be from performing strenuous activities or exercises that strain and cause a stiff back. The Chiropractor will examine your movement and find of restriction in your spinal joints. Then they will take you through a series of movements or safe adjustments (often called spinal manipulations) to return proper motion of the small vertebral joints.

Pain can be caused by too little motion in one joint, or too much movement in another joint. Chiropractors can fix both. Sometimes the pain felt in your back is actually caused by other parts of your body. Again visiting a spinal expert is the best place to start your low back treatment.

Shoulder Pain

Treatment for shoulder pain varies from one to another depending upon the reason of the shoulder malfunction. The chiropractor will diagnose your problem and start treatment immediately, by restoring motion.

Knee Injuries

Knee joint pain and arthritis are most commonly treated by our chiropractors. He/she will verify the source of the pain on the knee and recommend the treatment.


Spinal deviations produce poor posture. In the long run poor posture causes permanent dysfunctions of the spine. Our chiropractor corrects faulty postures by performing unique exercises and treatments that differ from one patient to another, depending on the cause.


Pregnant women seek advice from a chiropractor to reduce any pregnancy contraindications. There is a chiropractor’s routine to help women who are trying to conceive, invest in fertility and pregnancy wellness. As well as reduce discomfort and back pain during pregnancy itself.


Whiplash can be different for every patient; however the neck pain is a result of tight neck muscles. Chiropractor’s whiplash treatment for relaxed muscle dysfunction or muscle relaxation consists of gentle stretching of the muscle that excessive tension.


Sciatica is pain that originates from the lower back or buttocks and travels to one or both legs. The sciatica nerve pain develops in different severities, from minimal, moderate and occasional, to extreme and chronic pain. Chiropractic doctor treats sciatica according to the stage. Sometimes sciatica is known as “pins and needles” or pain from your bottom going down the back of your leg.

Referred Pain

It is the pain experienced in an area that does not seem to have any relationship with the problem. Referred pain causes mix-up of the message sent to the central nervous system. The pain is usually intense but difficult to pinpoint its source.


Scoliosis is the curving of the spine when one is growing. The treatment of the condition is determined by the age of the individual and the angle of the spinal curve. If the chiropractic examination shows that the curve may not form deformity, then treatment is not always necessary. To be sure, call the Clinic for a scoliosis assessment.

Disc Injuries

Disc injury is also known as disc herniation. It is not common but when it happens it is a far-reaching injury and requires surgery after keen examination by the chiropractic.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

The primary cause of the carpal Tunnel syndrome is the misalignment in the spine. Chiropractic cares for the wrist, upper spine, and arm to get rid of the syndrome.

spinal adjustment of the neck from my chiropractor

What Happens at the Chiropractor?

Similar to when visiting any other health center, our chiropractors have unique equipment for their kind of work such as activators, special drop tables and hands on massage. The initial consultation is quite similar to other health providers but what you may find a little different is the chiropractic treatment table. The tables are used to examine patient’s positioning and movement during spinal adjustments that assist in the chiropractic treatment. The doctor will ask questions such as when you started experiencing pain and take an x-ray for further clarification of your condition. The procedures are registration, physical examination, treatment and follow-up of the patient’s health.

The Crack. What is the Pop Sound? Do Adjustments Hurt? And is it Safe?

There is very little risk in spinal joint manipulation. Chiropractors in Australia train for a minimum of 5 years in university to perform the movements safely and effectively. The crack people worry about isn’t dangerous, and no we do not crack bones or crack your spine. The pop noise you hear is gas being released from the joint that was “stuck” as the joint opens up. Think of it like pulling apart two surfaces that have been stuck together by a sticky substance – when they release, you hear a pop.

The result of getting that joint to move one of “relief”. Most people feel better almost immediately.

How Long Does the Chiropractor treatment take?

The intensity of the pain and deterioration of the spinal joints will determine the length of time the treatment will take. Also depends on how recent the injury was. Mostly within one to two weeks from the start of the chiropractic treatment program for cases that are noncomplex musculoskeletal conditions. That period is plenty for the patient to feel a 40% to 80% reduction in pain. In worse cases during the chiropractic care, a normally the treatment program is thrice per week that goes for nearly a month, and re-evaluation follows.

Other Natural Health Services

Dry Needling and Trigger Points

Dry needling is a procedure that involves inserting several thin sterile needles into the paralysed muscles to trigger movement and dissipate trigger points in muscles. Research reveals that dry needling has become a reliable method for interruption of the cycle that and perpetuation of the pathological muscular contracture commonly known as the myofascial trigger point. Chiropractic reduces the focal area of contracture quickly than manual approaches.

Soft Tissue Massage

It is often puzzling to distinguish when you need a therapeutic massage and when you need a chiropractic massage especially when you have a developing wound. It’s best that you first visit a chiropractic doctor, and he will advise on which kind of massage you need. Chiropractic care specialises in problems of the nervous and musculoskeletal system and focuses on the spine, joints and hard tissues. The massage can treat conditions such as ear infections, tendonitis, headaches and joint pains. The massage can treat conditions such as ear infections, tendonitis, headaches and joint pains.

Local Chiropractic Clinic Kingaroy Locations.

All these services are available in our Kingaroy clinic. We also service South Burnett Region, Kingaroy, Wondai, Tingoora, Haley Creek, Nanago. Contact us for an assessment today.


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