Relieving Headache with Chiropractic Treatment


Most people do not realize that it is possible to treat a headache with chiropractic treatment since headaches can be due to a lot of reasons. A headache is the body’s signal that there is something wrong in us. One of the more common causes can be due to stress, eye fatigue, drinking or even hunger. You may be suffering from massive headaches from time to time or you may have been suffering for a long time, in that case, we call that chronic headaches.

Chronic headaches can be dangerous as it may just be a symptom of a much more dangerous disease or underlying injury that you have been ignoring for a long time. They tend to impede your productivity and relationship with others.

For a chiropractor, a headache can be due to muscle tension in the spine or around the neck area. The nerves around those areas could also be irritated which sends signals to the brain which then leads to headaches. There could also be a misalignment of the spine which will irritate certain nerve roots and blood vessels- minor constrictions will happen which will affect the supply of blood to the brain. When this happens, headaches occur.

All of which can be easily treated by a trained and licensed chiropractor.

What can the Chiropractor do?

First, the chiropractor will perform determine what specific areas around your spine and neck can be causing the headaches.

Depending on the examination and based on the symptoms, the headaches can possibly be caused by misalignment in the vertebrae of the spine, a condition that is called subluxation which may be causing unnecessary nerve and/or blood vessel restrictions.

What if your headaches isn’t going away as fast as you thought?

Almost always, the chiropractor, when determined, performs the first chiropractic treatment on your first visit to relieve the headache. Relief may vary from patient to patient, some experience relief and some experience gradual relief especially when visits to the chiropractor becomes frequent. It is impossible to predict as it also depends if the patient has had chronic headache for a long time.

What if Chiropractic will not work?

As mentioned, there are a lot of causes for headaches, if after the examination done by the chiropractor, it is determined that you are not a viable chiropractic candidate then rest assured you will be recommended to other specialists who can and will take a look at your headaches.

How long should you have Chiropractic Treatment?

It all depends really on the recommendation of the chiropractor. Though we recommend that you go as frequently as you can. Also, you need not wait for your headaches to come up, schedule regular visits with your chiropractor even without headaches who can help you strengthen your muscles around your neck and spine, and can help you correct and maintain the proper posture that you would need in order to have less and less headaches caused by the wrong posture when sitting down, standing, and most especially when sleeping.

Do not wait for a massive headache to visit your local chiropractor. Even more so when you’ve had chronic headache for years.

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